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AIX Version 4 Files Reference

/var/spool/uucp Directory for BNU


Stores Basic Networking Utilities (BNU) log, administrative, command, data, and execute files in multiple subdirectories.


The /var/spool/uucp directory, also known as the BNU spooling directory, is the parent directory for multiple work directories created by the Basic Networking Utilities (BNU) program to facilitate file transfers among systems.

The following directories are subdirectories of the /var/spool/uucp directory:

.Admin Contains four administrative files, including:
.Corrupt Contains copies of files that could not be processed by the BNU program.
.Log Contains log files for the uucico and uuxqt daemons.
.Old Contains old log files for the uucico and uuxqt daemons.
.Status Records the last time the uucico daemon tried to contact remote systems.
.Workspace Holds temporary files that the file transport programs use internally.
.Xqtdir Contains execute files with lists of commands that remote systems can run.
SystemName Contains files used by file transport programs, including:

Implementation Specifics

This directory is part of the Basic Networking Utilities Program (BNU) in BOS Extensions 1.

Related Information

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The uucico daemon, uuxqt daemon.

Understanding the BNU File and Directory Structure in AIX Version 4.3 System Management Guide: Communications and Networks.

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