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AIX Version 4.3 Commands Reference, Volume 4

psrev Command


Reverses the page order of a PostScript file and selects a page range for printing.


psrev [ -R ] [ -sPagespec,... ] [ File ]


The psrev command reverses the page order of the file specified by the File variable and prints the pages specified by the Pagespec parameter. The file must conform to PostScript file structuring conventions. If no value for the File is specified, the psrev command reads from standard input. The psrev command writes the resulting file to the standard output.


-R Does not reverse the page order (but subsets the pages if specified).
-sPagespec Specifies a range (or several ranges) of pages to be printed. The Pagespec parameter is a string with no spaces. The Pagespec parameter can be a single page number or a range of the form N-M, which prints pages N through M. -N prints from the beginning of the document to page N. M- prints from page M to the end of the document.


The following are examples of using the psrev command showing page ranges and an individual page in nonreversed order:

psrev -R -s2-4,6
psrev -R -s2-4,6-8


/var/tmp/RV* Contains the temporary file if the input is a pipe.

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