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AIX Version 4.3 Commands Reference, Volume 4

psplot Command


Converts files in plot format to PostScript format.


psplot [ -g Prologue ] [ File... ]


The psplot command reads files in plot format and converts them to PostScript format on the standard output. If no files are specified, the standard input is used. The conversion is almost one-to-one, with one PostScript function call for each plot primitive. You can modify the behavior of the file by changing the definitions of the PostScript functions in the prologue.


-gPrologue Uses the contents of the Prologue file instead of the default PostScript prologue. If this flag is not specified, the default prologue file is used.

International Character Support

The NLSvec file provides details related to character translation.

Environment Variable

PSLIBDIR Path name of a directory to use for the psplot command prologue file. The path denoted by the PSLIBDIR environment variable is used instead of the path denoted by the XPSLIBDIRX environment variable.
TRANSCRIPT Absolute path name of a file to use instead of /usr/lib/ps/transcript.conf for the MBCS handling.


/usr/lib/ps/psplot.pro Contains the default prologue file.

Related Information

The ps4014 command, lpr command, lp command.

NLSvec File.

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