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AIX Version 4.3 Commands Reference, Volume 3

managefonts Command


Provides the user with a simple menu-based interface to update or change the set of installed font families on the system.

Note: You must have root user authority to run the managefonts script. The managefonts script is contained in the /usr/lib/ps/ditroff.fonts/managefonts file.


managefontsOption ]


The managefonts command provides the user with a simple menu-based interface to update or change the set of installed font families on the system. If no command line arguments are provided, the menu-based interface is used. Command-line arguments can be used to provide the equivalent of the menu selections.

A set of font families is installed on the system at the time the TranScript Tools option of the Text Formatter Services Package is installed on the system. This default setup includes the standard 13 fonts comprising the Times, Courier, and Helvetica font families. You can use the program called up by the managefonts command to erase the current configuration and replace it with a new one. There are several predefined packages of font families that can be installed this way:

Times Family Only This is the most minimal configuration that allows the TranScript Tools option to run.
Standard13 Package This package builds the Times, Courier, and Helvetica font families. This was the package installed on your system with TranScript.
Standard35 Package This font family package includes the Standard13 package font families in addition to the following: Avant Garde, Bookman, New Century Schoolbook, and Palatino font families.
All Font Families This package installs all the font families available for installation.

You can also use the managefonts command to add new font families one at a time. A menu of available fonts is displayed and users can select which font family they want to be built. The program prevents building of font families that are already installed.

The managefonts command includes help screens to assist the user in installing font families.

  1. Font families cannot be deleted directly. To delete font families, it is first necessary to install a package containing the minimal subset of families desired. After the package is installed, it is possible to add font families, one at a time, from the Individual Fonts Menu. For instance, if your current configuration is Times, Courier, and Helvetica, and you want only Times and Courier, you can use the managefonts program to install the Times Only Package.
  2. There is no command-line syntax equivalent to the menu items in the managefonts program.

The command line arguments are acted upon in the order they are given, reading left to right. The following are the valid values for the option parameter and their meanings:

init0 Initialize for the installation of a font package.
clean Remove all temporary files and previously installed fonts.
cleanall Remove all the temporary files, the previously installed fonts, and the TranScript troff font files installed.
default Install the Standard 13 fonts.
standard13 Install the Standard 13 fonts.
standard35 Install the Standard 35 fonts.
all Install all possible fonts.
CourierFamily Install the Courier Family.
HelveticaFamily Install the Helvetica Family.
HelvNarrowFamily Install the Helvetica Narrow Family.
AvantGardeFamily Install the Avant Garde Family.
BookmanFamily Install the Bookman Family.
GaramondFamily Install the Garamond Family.
LubalinFamily Install the Lubalin Family.
NewCenturyFamily Install the New Century Family.
OptimaFamily Install the Optima Family.
PalatinoFamily Install the Palatino Family.
SouvenirFamily Install the Souvenir Family.
ZapfFamily Install the Zapf Family.
BaseFamily Install the Base Family, such as Times Roman.


  1. To install the standard 13 fonts:
    managefonts cleanall standard13
  2. To install the standard 35 fonts:
    managefonts cleanall standard35
  3. To install all the fonts:
    managefonts cleanall all
  4. To install the Courier Family (the Times Roman or Base Family must have been previously installed):
    managefonts init0 CourierFamily clean

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