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AIX Version 4.3 Commands Reference, Volume 3

lb_find Command


Gets a list of global location broker (GLB) server daemons and their attributes.


lb_find [ -q ] [ -v ] [ -dl ]


lb_find sends out inquiries to the NCS location broker daemons and gathers the responses. The results are analyzed to determine whether the global location broker is replicatable, and which cell each daemon serves. After ten seconds, the results are summarized, showing the GLB broker type, the server host's network address, a cell name of either default or alternate_N, and the cell's UUID.


-q Queries for a GLB server, using the standard RPC mechanism. At most, one GLB server is printed, and only servers in the current machine's cell are searched. The program exits with a status of 0 if a GLB server is found; otherwise the status is nonzero.
-v Prints out the NCS version string.
-dl Turns on RPC debugging while searching for GLB servers.


A network contains one glbd in each of two NCS cells and one nrglbd in a third cell.

sent to broadcast address
waiting for replies 
received response from glb daemon at ip:stimpy( 
port 1072.
received response from glb daemon at ip:oscar( port
received response from glb daemon at ip:vmess( port
replicatable       ip:stimpy      default       333b91c50000.0d.0
replicatable       ip:oscar       alternate_1   54bdad9a4000.0d.0
non_replicatable    ip:vmess      alternate_2   5c0e4acb8fa7.02.c

Related Information

The lb_admin command.

The glbd (NCS) daemon, llbd (NCS) daemon, nrglbd (NCS) daemon.

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