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AIX Version 4.3 Commands Reference, Volume 4

nrglbd Daemon


Manages the global location broker database.


nrglbd [ -version ]


The glbd daemon manages the global location broker (GLB) database. The GLB database, part of the Network Computing System (NCS), helps clients to clients to locate servers on a network or internet. The GLB database stores the locations (that is, the network addresses and port numbers) of servers on which processes are running. The glbd daemon maintains this database and provides access to it.

There are two versions of the GLB daemon, glbd and nrglbd. You should run only one nrglbd on a network or internet, and you should not run a nrglbd and a glbd on the same network or internet.

The nrglbd daemon is typically started in the background; it can be started in one of two ways:

TCP/IP must be configured and running on your system before starting the nrglbd daemon. The llbd daemon must also be started and running before you start the nrglbd daemon.


-version Displays the version of NCS that this nrglbd belongs to, but does not start the daemon.


/etc/rc.ncs Contains commands to start the NCS daemons.

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