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AIX Version 4.3 Commands Reference, Volume 2

defif Method


Defines a network interface in the configuration database.


defif -c Class -s Subclass ] -t Type


The defif method defines the specified instance of a network interface. It only defines interfaces for currently configured adapters. To define the specified instance, the defif method does the following:

  1. Creates a customized interface instance in the configuration database.
  2. Derives the logical name of the interface instance.
  3. Retrieves the predefined attributes.
  4. Updates the Customized Dependency object class to reflect dependencies of the defined interface instance.
  5. Sets the status flag of the interface instance to defined.


-c Class Specifies the interface class to be defined. The valid value is if.
-s Subclass Specifies the subclass of interface to be defined. Valid values are:
TR Token-ring
EN Ethernet
SL Slip
XT X.25
LO Loopback
-t Type Specifies the type of interface to be defined. Valid values are:
tr Token-ring
en Ethernet
sl Slip
ie3 IEEE 802.3 Ethernet
lo Loopback
xt X.25


To define a token-ring network interface instance, enter the method in the following format:

defif -t tr

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