First Edition (October 1997)

Trademarks and Acknowledgements

About This Book

Alphabetical Listing of Commands
ac Command
acctcms Command
acctcom Command
acctcon1 or acctcon2 Command
acctdisk or acctdusg Command
acctmerg Command
acctprc1, acctprc2, or accton Command
acctwtmp Command
acfgd Daemon
acledit Command
aclget Command
aclput Command
adb Command
addbib Command
addX11input Command
adfutil Command
admin Command (SCCS)
aixterm Command
ali Command
alias Command
alog Command
alt_disk_install Command
anno Command
ap Command
apply Command
apropos Command
ar Command
arithmetic Command
arp Command
as Command
asa or fpr Command
at Command
ate Command
atq Command
atrm Command
audit Command
auditbin Daemon
auditcat Command
auditconv Command
auditmerge Command
auditpr Command
auditselect Command
auditstream Command
autoconf6 Command
automount Daemon
automountd Daemon
autopush Command
awk Command
back Command
backup Command
banner Command
basename Command
batch Command
battery Command
bc Command
bdftopcf Command
bdiff Command
bellmail Command
bf Command
bffcreate Command
bfrpt Command
bfs Command
bg Command
biff Command
bindprocessor Command
biod Daemon
bj Command
bootinfo Command
bootlist Command
bootparamd Daemon
bootpd Daemon
bootptodhcp Command
bosboot Command
bosdebug Command
bs Command
bsh Command
bterm command
bugfiler Command
burst Command
cal Command
calendar Command
cancel Command
canonls Command
captoinfo Command
capture Command
cat Command
catman Command
cb Command
cd Command
cdc Command
cfgif Method
cfginet Method
cfgmgr Command
cflow Command
cfsadmin Command
chargefee Command
chauthent Command
chcons Command
chdev Command
chdisp Command
chdsmitd Command
checkeq or checkmm Command
checknr Command
chfilt Command
chfn Command
chfont Command
chfs Command
chgif Method
chginet Method
chgroup Command
chgrp Command
chgrpmem Command
chhwkbd Command
chitab Command
chkbd Command
chkey Command
chlang Command
chlicense Command
chlv Command
chlvcopy Command
chmaster Command
chmod Command
chnamsv Command
chnfs Command
chnfsexp Command
chnfsmnt Command
chown Command
chprtsv Command
chps Command
chpv Command
chque Command
chquedev Command
chrole Command
chroot Command
chsec Command
chserver Command
chservices Command
chsh Command
chslave Command
chssys Command
chsubserver Command
chtcb Command
chtun Command
chtz Command
chuser Command
chvfs Command
chvg Command
chvirprt Command
chvmode Command
chypdom Command
ckpacct Command
ckprereq Command
cksum Command
clear Command
cmp Command
cnsview Command
col Command
colcrt Command
colrm Command
comb Command (SCCS)
comm Command
command Command
comp Command
compress Command
comsat Daemon
confer or joinconf Command
conflict Command
cp or copy Command
cpio Command
cplv Command
cpp Command
cpu_state Command
craps Command
crash Command
crex Command
crfs Command
cron Daemon
cronadm Command
crontab Command
crvfs Command
csh Command
csplit Command
ct Command
ctags Command
cu Command
custom Command
cut Command
cw or checkcw Command
cxref Command