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AIX Version 4.3 Problem Solving Guide and Reference

Reactivate the Queue Daemon

The queue daemon (or qdaemon) process tracks print job requests and the printers available to handle these requests. The qdaemon maintains queues of outstanding requests and, as devices become available, sends them to the proper device at the proper time. If the qdaemon stops functioning, you will experience printing problems and will then need to restart the qdaemon using the following procedure.

Note: Some commands may require root user or system group authority.
  1. Determine if the qdaemon has stopped functioning by entering the following ps command:
    ps -ef | grep qdaemon

    If you do not see a process called /var/sbin/qdaemon, qdaemon, or /etc/qdaemon running, the qdaemon is not running.

  2. Restart the qdaemon by entering the following startsrc command:
    startsrc -s qdaemon

    If you are not using the system resource controller (SRC), you can also restart the queue daemon with the qdaemon command.

    Let the qdaemon print all the jobs in the print queue.

  3. Make sure the lpd daemon is up and running by entering:
    startsrc -s lpd

    The lpd daemon provides the remote print server on a network.

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