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AIX Version 4.3 Messages Guide and Reference

Chapter 2. Three-Digit Display Values

This chapter discusses the different types of three-digit messages and general recovery procedures.

Three-digit display messages are system error indicators that display on the system operator panel. Most of the three-digit display values are progress indicators that only display briefly. This section enables you to interpret the codes displayed on the system operator panel and to solve specific problems.

Refer to the following to determine your type of message in the system operator panel and to find recovery information.

Note: Most recovery procedures require that you have root user authority.

Symptom or Problem Type Recovery Location
Flashing 888 "888 in the Three-Digit Display" .
Steady single value "Single Value in the Three-Digit Display".
Two or more values alternating "Your Boot Device Status" .
Steady single value during the boot process "Booting Problems" .
Unable to boot "Accessing a System That Will Not Boot".

Use the Problem Summary Form to document and report system problems to your hardware or software service organization. Copy the form; then, complete the form by filling in the date and time, system date and time (enter the date command to obtain the system date and time), and symptom.

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