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AIX Version 4.3 Kernel Extensions and Device Support Programming Concepts

Accented Characters

Here are the valid sets of characters for each of the diacritics that the Low Function Terminal (LFT) subsystem uses to validate the two-key nonspacing character sequence.

List of Diacritics Supported by the HFT LFT Subsystem

There are seven diacritic characters for which sets of characters are provided:

Valid Sets of Characters (Categorized by Diacritics)

Acute Function Code Value
Acute accent 0xef
Apostrophe (acute) 0x27
e Acute small 0x82
e Acute capital 0x90
a Acute small 0xa0
i Acute small 0xa1
o Acute small 0xa2
u Acute small 0xa3
a Acute capital 0xb5
i Acute capital 0xd6
y Acute small 0xec
y Acute capital 0xed
o Acute capital 0xe0
u Acute capital 0xe9
Grave Function Code Value
Grave accent 0x60
a Grave small 0x85
e Grave small 0x8a
i Grave small 0x8d
o Grave small 0x95
u Grave small 0x97
a Grave capital 0xb7
e Grave capital 0xd4
i Grave capital 0xde
o Grave capital 0xe3
u Grave capital 0xeb
Circumflex Function Code Value
^ Circumflex accent 0x5e
a Circumflex small 0x83
e Circumflex small 0x88
i Circumflex small 0x8c
o Circumflex small 0x93
u Circumflex small 0x96
a Circumflex capital 0xb6
e Circumflex capital 0xd2
i Circumflex capital 0xd7
o Circumflex capital 0xe2
u Circumflex capital 0xea
Umlaut Function Code Value
Umlaut accent 0xf9
u Umlaut small 0x81
a Umlaut small 0x84
e Umlaut small 0x89
i Umlaut small 0x8b
a Umlaut capital 0x8e
O Umlaut capital 0x99
u Umlaut capital 0x9a
e Umlaut capital 0xd3
i Umlaut capital 0xd8
Tilde Function Code Value
Tilde accent 0x7e
n Tilde small 0xa4
n Tilde capital 0xa5
a Tilde small 0xc6
a Tilde capital 0xc7
o Tilde small 0xe4
o Tilde capital 0xe5
Overcircle Function Code Value
Overcircle accent 0x7d
a Overcircle small 0x86
a Overcircle capital 0x8f
Cedilla Function Code Value
Cedilla accent 0xf7
c Cedilla capital 0x80
c Cedilla small 0x87

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