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AIX Version 4.3 System Management Guide: Operating System and Devices

National Language Support Overview for Devices

National Language Support (NLS) uses the locale setting to define its environment. The locale setting is dependent on the user's requirements for data processing and language that determines input and output device requirements. The system administrator is responsible for configuring devices that are in agreement with user locales.

For information about specific devices, read:

Terminals (tty Devices)

The setmaps command is used to set the terminal and code-set map for a given tty or pty. The setmaps file format defines the text of the code-set map file and the terminal map file.

The text of a code set map file is a description of the code set, including the type (single byte or multibyte), the memory and screen widths (for multibyte code sets), and the optional converter modules to push on the stream. The code set map file is located in the /usr/lib/nls/csmap directory and has the same name as the code set.

The terminal-map-file rules associate a pattern string with a replacement string. The operating system uses an input map file to map input from the keyboard to an application and uses an output map file to map output from an application to the display.


Virtual printers inherit the default code set of incoming jobs from the LANG entry in the /etc/environment file. A printer subsystem can support several virtual printers. If more than one virtual printer is supported, each can have a different code set. There are three suggested printer subsystem scenarios:

The user specifies the queue and code set by using the qprt command with the -P-x flags. If the -P flag is not specified, the default queue is used. If the -x flag is not used, the default code set for the virtual printer is used.

Low-Function Terminals

Key Maps

Low-function terminals (LFTs) support single-byte code-set languages using key maps. An LFT key map translates a key stroke into a character string in the code set. A list of all available key maps is in the /usr/lib/nls/loc directory. LFT does not support languages that require multibyte code sets.

The default LFT keyboard setting and associated font setting are based on the language selected during installation. The possible default code sets are:

There are several ways to change the default settings:

The lsfont and lskbd commands list all the fonts and keyboard maps that are currently available to the LFT.


The LFT font libraries for all the supported code sets are in the /usr/lpp/fonts directory.

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