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AIXLink/X.25 1.1 for AIX: Guide and Reference

backupx25 Command


Backs up the configuration information for the X.25 LPP into files.


General Use:

To Display the Command Usage:


The backupx25 command saves information concerning the configuration and attribute information for a particular machine to assist you with system administration. This aids customers who want to re-install the X.25 LPP or want to replicate their setup to other machines, assuming the adapter and port information is the same. The files produced by the backupx25 command are read by the restorex25 command to restore your setup.

To reinstall the X.25 LPP, it is suggested that backupx25 is used to save configuration information, port definitions be removed, re-install the X.25 LPP and then restore the configuration using the restorex25 command.

To migrate ports from the base AIX Version 3 definitions to the new AIX/Link X.25 Version 1.1 definitions, see the cpx25 command.


-d Directory Specifies the name of save directory. Defaults to current directory.
-f Forces removal of existing backup files if they are already present in the save directory.
-h Displays the command usage.
-v Specifies verbose mode (displays messages).


Access Control: You must have root authority to run this command.


To backup configuration information for the X.25 LPP in the directory /tmp/x25setup in a verbose manner, enter:

backupx25 -d /tmp/x25setup -v


/usr/bin/backupx25 Contains the backupx25 command for AIX Version 4.
/usr/lpp/sx25/bin/backupx25 Contains the backupx25 command for AIX Version 3.2.5.

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