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AIXLink/X.25 1.1 for AIX: Guide and Reference

cpx25 Command


Transfers port related configuration information from the base AIX Version 3 X.25 definitions to the new AIX/Link X.25 Version 1.1 LPP application definitions.



The cpx25 command can be used to convert port configuration from a x25sPortNumber definition to a sx25aPortNumber port. This command works from a saved version of the x25sPortNumber definition which is stored in the odm directory /etc/objrepos. The new sx25sPortNumber port should already be configured on a specific port on a specific adapter. The old port configurations are saved when the X.25 LPP is installed. The cpx25 command can be used to transfer port definitions from a single x25sPortNumber port to multiple sx25aPortNumber style ports.

  1. Unit conversions for timers such as the t1_timer and range conversions for parameters such as "ccitt", "fast_select" are done automatically.
  2. Because of the change in the CCITT standards from 1984 to 1988, there are a few instances where fields must be changed manually after the cpx25 command has run. Messages will be given in cases where the conversion was not possible.
  3. An error will be returned if either the old configuration is not found or if the new port has not been configured yet.
  4. Only AIX Version 3.2.5 supports the cpx25 command.


Access Control: You must have root authority to run this command.


To transfer configuration information from an old definition x25s1 to a newly defined port sx25a0, enter:

cpx25 x25s1 sx25a0


/usr/lpp/sx25/bin/cpx25 Contains the cpx25 command for AIX Version 3.2.5.
/etc/objrepos/x25sPortNumber.save Port definitions saved during installation of the AIXLink/X.25 Version 1.1 LPP.

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