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AIXLink/X.25 1.1 for AIX: Guide and Reference

rmsx25 Command


Removes an X.25 port.


General Use:

To Display the Command Usage:


The rmsx25 command either configures or unconfigures and undefines the X.25 port specified by the -l flag. The default action is to unconfigure the device while retaining its device definition in the customized devices object class.


-l Name Specifies the device name, indicated by the Name parameter, in the customized devices object class, for the port to be removed.
-d Indicates the the port is undefined and its device information is to be removed for the customized devices object class.
-f File Reads the needed flags from the File parameter.
-h Displays the command usage message.
-q Suppresses the command output messages from standard output and standard error.


To unconfigure and completely undefine port sx25a0, enter:

rmsx25 -l sx25a0 -d

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