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AIX Version 4.3 System Management Guide: Operating System and Devices

Chapter 17. Managing the AIX Common Desktop Environment

With the AIX Common Desktop Environment, you can access networked devices and tools without having to be aware of their location. You can exchange data across applications by simply dragging and dropping objects.

System administrators will find many tasks that previously required complex command line syntax can now be done more easily and similarly from platform to platform. They can also maximize their investment in existing hardware and software by configuring centrally and distributing applications to users. They can centrally manage the security, availability, and interoperability of applications for the users they support.

Note: The AIX Common Desktop Environment (CDE) 1.0. Help volumes, web-based documentation, and hardcopy manuals may refer to the desktop as AIX Common Desktop Environment, the AIXwindows desktop, the CDE desktop, AIX CDE 1.0, or simply, the desktop.

Topics discussed in this chapter are:

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