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AIX Version 4.3 System Management Guide: Operating System and Devices

Using Fast Paths in SMIT

You can access different SMIT task through the main menu, or you can use a fast path parameter, which can save you time by allowing you to go directly to the menu or dialog for your task, bypassing the upper-level menus.

All commands run by SMIT can be used in a fast path construction. Command names entered as a FastPath parameter will take you to a submenu or dialog for that command. For example, to change the characteristics of a user, at the command line enter:

smit chuser

The smit command plus the command chuser takes you directly to the menu, Change User Attributes, which guides you through the steps to change a user's characteristics.

At any menu in SMIT, you can show the fast path to that menu by pressing the F8 key or by choosing Fast Path from the Show menu.

Summary of Fast Paths

The following lists provide a quick reference to many SMIT fast paths. In the list, a SMIT menu name is followed by its associated fast path in parenthses. Simply enter the word smit and the fast path shown to go directly to its associated menu.

Fast Paths for Installing and Managing the System

Fast Paths for Managing Networks

Fast Paths for NFS
Fast Paths for DCE
Fast Paths for TCP/IP

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