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AIX Version 4.3 System Management Guide: Operating System and Devices

Modifying Desktop Profiles

When a user logs in to the desktop, the shell environment file (.profile or .login) is not automatically read. The desktop runs the X server before the user logs in, so the function provided by the .profile file or the .login file must be provided by the desktop's login manager.

User-specific environment variables are set in /Home Directory / .dtprofile. A template for this file is located in /usr/dt/config/sys.dtprofile . Place variables and shell commands in .dtprofile that apply only to the desktop. Add lines to the end of the .dtprofile to incorporate the shell environment file.

System-wide environment variables can be set in Login Manager configuration files. For details on configuring enironment variables, see Common Desktop Environment 1.0: Advanced User's and System Administrator's Guide.

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