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AIX Version 4.3 Assembler Language Reference

.source Pseudo-op


Identifies the source language type.


.source StringConstant


The .source pseudo-op identifies the source language type and provides symbol table information necessary for the linkage editor. For cascade compilers, the symbol table information is passed from the compiler to the assembler to indicate the high-level source language type. The default source language type is "Assembler."


StringConstant Specifies a valid program language name. This parameter is not case-sensitive. If the specified value is not valid, the language ID will be reset to "Assembler." The following values are defined:
0x00 C
0x02 Pascal
0x03 Ada
0x04 PL/1
0x05 BASIC
0x06 LISP
0x07 COBOL
0x08 Modula2
0x09 C++
0x0a RPG
0x0b PL8, PLIX
0x0c Assembler


To set the source language type to C++:

.source "C++"

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