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AIX Version 4.3 Assembler Language Reference

dozi (Difference or Zero Immediate) Instruction


Computes the difference between the contents of a general-purpose register and a signed 16-bit integer and stores the result or the value zero in a general-purpose register.

Note: The dozi instruction is supported only in the POWER architecture.


dozi RT,RA,SI


The dozi instruction adds the complement of the contents of general-purpose register (GPR) RA, the 16-bit signed integer SI, and 1 and stores the result in the target GPR RT.

If the value in GPR RA is algebraically greater than the 16-bit signed value in the SI field, then GPR RT is set to 0.

The dozi instruction has one syntax form and does not effect Condition Register Field 0 or the Fixed-Point Exception Register.


RT Specifies target general-purpose register where result of operation is stored.
RA Specifies source general-purpose register for operation.
SI Specifies signed 16-bit integer for operation.


The following code determines the difference between GPR 4 and 0x0 and stores the result in GPR 4:

# Assume GPR 4 holds 0x0000 0001.
dozi 4,4,0x0
# GPR 4 now holds 0x0000 0000.

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