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7318 Model S20 Guide and Reference

Chapter 5. Using Modems and Reverse Telnet

This chapter discusses the use of modems with the 7318. Modems can be either "dial-in" modems or "dial-out" modems, or they can be configured for use as either type. For the "dial-out" modems, a telnet daemon should be configured for the port and accessed using either the telnet command on the host or through the cnsconnect command. The cnsconnect command uses a configuration file of its own and the telnet command to make connections for modems, printers, or other devices.

The topics discussed in this section are:

Using Dial-Out Modems and Reverse Telnet

Using Dial-In Modems

Using Dial-Out to Configure a Dial-In Modem

Things to Consider when Configuring Modems

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