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7318 Model S20 Guide and Reference

Installing 7318 Software for AIX Version 4.2 (or later)

The following information describes the installation process using the System Management Interface Tool (SMIT).


  1. You must have root user authority.
  2. If you have an AIX Version 4.2 system, you must have AIX Version 4.2.0 (or later) installed.
  3. The ipx.rte package must be installed.


  1. Enter the following SMIT fast path:
    smit install_latest
  2. At the INPUT device / directory for software field, select the device name or directory that has the installation images (for example, /dev/cd0).
  3. Select the SOFTWARE to install field. Select bos.cns. Change the COMMIT software updates field to NO. Change the SAVE replaced files field to YES. Change the AUTOMATICALLY install requisite software field to YES. Change the EXTEND file systems field to YES.
  4. Select the Do option to start the installation.
  5. When the software is finished loading, exit the SMIT interface.
  6. Reboot the system.

AIX Version 4.2 (and later) Packages

bos.cns Install for 7318 Model P10 and S20.
bos.cns.s20des Install for 7318 Model S20 with DES data encryption.

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