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7318 Model S20 Guide and Reference

Appendix E: General Specifications


CPU: 16 MHz Intel 960 RISC
Memory: 1 MB or 2 MB

Serial Interface

Number of ports: 16
Electrical std: RS-423A (RS-232, RS-422 compatible)
Data rates: 50 bps - 115 Kbps asynchronous
Connectors: Modular RJ-45 (ISO 8877)
  1. EIA RS-232 Interoperability: Each asynchronous port is compatible with EIA RS-232D; however pin 5 and pin 7 must be tied together. The IBM terminal adapter (Feature Code 7903) and the IBM modem adapter (Feature Code 7904) provide this connection internally. It is recommended that this be done at the device end of the cable.
  2. EIA RS-422 Interoperability: Asynchronous ports are interoperable with EIA RS-422 devices utilizing the Transmitted Data and Received Data signals only. This is accomplished by using signal pins 4 and 5 as the balanced Received Data pair and pins 7 and 8 as the balanced Transmitted Data pair. If more than the odd-numbered ports are used for RS-422, a 100-ohm current-limiting resistor must be placed in series at the device end of the cable on the TD signal.

Parallel Interface

Number of ports: 2 active
Electrical std: Centronics-compatible
Data rates: Up to 100 KBps
Connectors: DB-25F (PC-compatible)

Ethernet Interface

Number of ports: 1 active, 1 standby
Electrical std: IEEE 802.3 (ISO/EIC 8802-3)

Type 10Base-T


Type 10Base-5

Data rates: 10 Mbps
Connectors: DB-15F (10Base-5) AUI

RJ-45 (ISO 8877) 10Base-T T port pinout

RJ-45 (ISO 8877) 10Base-T T-X port pinout

Physical Dimensions

Height: 44 mm (1.73 in.)
Width: 381 mm (15.0 in.)
Depth: 229 mm (9.0 in.)
Weight: 2.6 kg (5.7 lb.)
EIA rack space: 1 U

Power Requirements

Voltage: 100-240 Vac 50-60 Hz auto-ranging
Current: 0.75A maximum
Connector: IEC-320

Regulatory Standards

Safety: UL, CSA, TUV
EMI: FCC part 15 Class A, VDE Class A
Note: The United Kingdom Telecommunications Act 1984: This apparatus is approved under approval number NS/G/23/J/100003 for indirect connections to the public telecommunications systems in the United Kingdom.

Environmental Specifications

Environmental Specifications

Parameter Minimum Maximum Units Symbol
Temperature (Operating) 16, 60.8 32, 89.6 Celsius, Fahrenheit C, F
Temperature (Non-Operating) 10, 50 43, 109.4 Celsius, Fahrenheit C, F
Relative Humidity (Operating) 8 80 percent %
Relative Humidity (Non-Operating) 8 80 percent %
Maximum Wet Bulb Temp (Operating)
23, 73.4 Celsius, Fahrenheit C, F
Altitude (Operating)
2133, 7000 meters, feet m, ft

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