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3270 Host Connection Program 2.1 and 1.3.3 for AIX: Guide and Reference

Customizing HCON Color and Highlight Values with the Utility Program

Color and highlight values are redefined for each 3270 field displayed on the screen using the HCON utility color redefinition menus.

3270 Fields

There are three categories of 3270 fields. Customize the color and highlight values for each:

Status Line field Displays at the bottom of the emulator screen. Color and highlight values assigned to this field affect the entire line.
3270 Data Stream Screen Format fields
                          Define areas on the display screen based on certain associated field attributes. The field attributes are:
  • Unformatted
  • Unprotected
  • Unprotected Intensified
  • Protected
  • Protected Intensified
Extended 3270 Data Stream Color fields
                          Define areas on the display screen based on the color associated with each field. The colors are:
  • Unformatted
  • BLUE
  • RED
  • PINK

This group of fields also includes the Default and Default Intensified fields.

Four possible highlight attributes are associated with every 3270 field:

NONE No highlighting
UNDERLINE Underline field
BLINK Blink field
REVERSE Reverse video
Note: These attributes do not apply to the Unformatted field.

Each 3270 field displays by category as illustrated on the Color Redefinition Main Menu screen. Press the Enter key to select the appropriate category submenu.

Displayable 3270 Attributes

Each type of terminal used for 3270 display emulation has slightly different display attributes, such as highlighting, blink, reverse video, and underscore. This table lists the displayable attributes for each display type.

Displayable 3270 Attributes
Display Type Highlighting Blink Reverse Video Underscore
x-window no no yes yes
aixterm white no yes* yes
3151 intensified yes yes* yes
3161, 62, 63 intensified yes yes** yes
3164 (color) white yes yes*** yes
VT100-220 intensified low to dark yes* yes
WYSE WY50 no low intensity low intensity low intensity
WYSE WY60 no low intensity low intensity low intensity
WYSE WY370 (color) yes yes yes yes
Notes:   *All colors are displayed in reverse video.    **All colors are displayed in the same color as monitor.    ***Only green is supported, other colors not supported.

Changing Color and Highlight Values

In each 3270 field, three areas (foreground, background, and highlight) contain color and highlighting values. Choices for these values include:

Define foreground color, background color, and highlight fields using the HCON utility color redefinition submenus. Make selections for each 3270 field category in the Color Redefinition Main Menu from a list of values displayed for each field:

Tab Moves the cursor forward through the fields.
Backtab Moves the cursor backward through the fields.
Right Arrow Toggles forward through the field values.
Left Arrow Toggles backward through the field values.

The 3270 Field Screen Attribute menu screen shows the Unprotected field and associated customized fields:

All changes to color and highlight values are saved either in the default files, or in an output file specified by the user.

Note: If the utility is invoked from an emulator session using the HCONUTIL key, and the output file is not renamed, changes to color and highlight values are updated immediately upon exiting the utility. If the output file is renamed, the original file remains in effect for the duration of the session.

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