Tavi PS/2 pages
Last update: 5th November 2003

These pages are an attempt to bring together some of my hard-won information about IBM PS/2 machines. Although mainly directed at the MicroChannel systems (model 50 and above) there may be the occasional snippet about the lower end ISA-based systems as well.

You may also like to see the pages dealing with the OS/2 operating system.

Useful Utilities and Programs
IDMCA MCA Adapter Identification Utility
POS Programmable Option Select Display Utility
REFSTAMP Reference Disk ID Stamping Utility
DLITEDOS DOS device driver for hard disk display on Model 95 Information Panel
PANEL OS/2 device driver for character display on Model 95 Information Panel
SYSPART Diskette image for system/reference partition maintenance
Reply files Files for Reply hardwareUPDATED

Miscellaneous documentation
Various tips
Other PS/2 and MCA sites
Other PS/2 and MCA resources, and useful links

A big thank you to many people, too many to list in full. Special thanks, though, to the denizens of the comp.sys.ibm.ps2.hardware newsgroup, Aron Eisenpress and Peter Wendt.

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