The IDMCA Utility

IDMCA is a utility for identifying the cards in each slot of an MCA system. It does this by reading out the POS ID of the card in each slot, and looking it up in a database of card descriptions. It is heavily based on Peter Wendt's excellent program QBMCA, but some work has been done to speed up loading and execution (primarily by making both the program and the database file much smaller).

IDMCA produces a screen-based report; however, for those times when even the display isn't working, another program named REPMCA can be used to generate a text-based report to a file.

The IDMCA.ZIP file includes the following:

A big thank you to Peter Wendt for lots of things, including the screen design (stolen from his QBMCA program) and the MCA.DAT file. And of course the whole idea.

Download IDMCA.ZIP

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Last Updated: 17th January 2000
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