Files for Reply hardware

Various upgrades (e.g. replacement planars) were marketed by Reply Corporation, now defunct. However, some files were saved from their website and elsewhere, and are provided here; thanks to Aron Eisenpress for rescuing them, and also to Alex Burke for the 3.69 reference diskette.

Contributions of additional Reply-related files are welcomed; again, please email Bob Eager.

Click on the name of a file (in the right hand column) to download it.

Description Filename
PowerBoard BIOS v1.02 Flash - Model 25/30 102-30.exe
PowerBoard BIOS v1.08 Flash - Compaq DeskPro 108cpq.exe
TurboProcessor BIOS v1.09 Flash - Model 25/30 109-30.exe
PowerBoard BIOS v1.11 Flash - Model 56/57/76/77 111-56.exe
TurboProcessor BIOS v1.14 Flash - Model 25/30 (beta) 114-30.exe
PowerBoard BIOS v1.17 Flash - Model 50/55/70 117-pb.exe
TurboProcessor BIOS v1.19 Flash - Model 70 119-70.exe
TurboProcessor BIOS v1.24 Flash - Model 70 (beta) 124-70.exe
TurboProcessor BIOS v1.31 Flash - Model 60/65/80 131-80.exe
TurboProcessor BIOS v1.38 Flash - Model 60/65/80 (beta) 138-80.exe
TurboProcessor BIOS v1.40 Flash - Model 50/55/70 140-50.exe
Cirrus Logic Display Drivers (PowerBoard) for OS/2 2.1 - disk 1 1_10dsk1.exe
Cirrus Logic Display Drivers (PowerBoard) for OS/2 2.1 - disk 2 1_10dsk2.exe
Cirrus Logic Display Drivers (50/55/60/70/80 TurboProcessor) for OS/2 2.0 and 2.1 - disk 1 1_32dsk1.exe
Cirrus Logic Display Drivers (50/55/60/70/80 TurboProcessor) for OS/2 2.0 and 2.1 - disk 2 1_32dsk2.exe
Cirrus Logic GD-5426 Display Drivers for Windows 3.1, release 1.30 - Model 25/30 1_33dsk1.exe
BIOS 2.25 Flash - Model 32 225-32.exe
ADF for Reply SB16/SCSI Adapter @5137.adf
ADF for Reply SB16 Adapter @5138.adf
ADF for Reply 16/32 ATA-IDE Drive Adapter @6094.adf
ADF for Reply Video Adapter @8182.adf
ADF for IBM MWave Windsurfer-MCA Communications Adapter when video card present @8feb.adf
Utility to turn parallel port bidirectionality on and off bi.exe
CLMODE scanrate utility for Cirrus Logic Display Drivers clmdutil.exe
Utility to detect processor complex type on PS/2 90/95 boards cpumhz.exe
Pentathlon diagnostics diskette 1.08 (1.44MB) dg108144.exe
PowerBoard diagnostics diskette 1.08 (720KB) - Model 25/30 dg108720.exe
TurboProcessor diagnostics diskette 1.02 (1.44MB) - Model 25/30 diag1_02.exe
PowerBoard diagnostics diskette 1.05 (720KB) - Compaq DeskPro diag1_05.exe
Reply Multimedia Support diskette 1 - version 1.05 mm105c-1.exe
Reply Multimedia Support diskette 2 - version 1.05 mm105c-2.exe
AT IDE driver for Novell Netware nov_ide.exe
IDE driver for Windows NT 3.1 and above nt_ide.exe
Cirrus Logic video driver fix for Windows NT 3.5 and above ntvidfix.exe
TurboBoard Reference Diskette V3.46 - last official version ref346.exe
PowerBoard Reference Diskette V3.67 - last official version ref367.exe
PowerBoard Reference Diskette V3.69
BIOS 2.26 Flash - Model 32 with DX4/100 t226.dat
Floppy driver fix for OS/2 Warp 3 warpfix.exe
Chips 452 VGA video drivers (Model 16 & ew) for Windows 3.1 win31ct.exe
Sound Blaster 16 drivers for Windows 95, version 4.25 win95snd.exe

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