IBM eServer
Microcode download procedure
For BladeCenter JS20, i5, OpenPower, p5, pSeries, and RS/6000 systems
Downloading microcode packages requires the acceptance of a license agreement. In some cases, unpacking the package also requires a password. Follow these steps to download and install microcode.
  1. Click the Download microcode link in the "Microcode resources" box at the top right of this page. (The "Microcode resources" links are included on almost all pages on the microcode support site.)
  2. Click the link for the type of microcode you want to download: system, adapter, or device.
  3. Find your hardware in the displayed list.
  4. Read the [Description] file to find out more about the microcode update. (In some cases, this description file contains installation instructions for the microcode.)
  5. Select the format for the system where you want to unpack the microcode, either:
    [AIX format] for AIX systems, or
    [DOS format] for Windows NT or DOS, or
    [RPM format] for Linux or AIX (at level 5.1 or higher)
    Selecting a format displays the license agreement.
  6. Read the license agreement, and then sign it by clicking the acceptance statment (link) at the bottom of the license page. The download begins after you sign the license agreement.
  7. After downloading the microcode you will need to transfer the file to your system. Then follow the [Description] file to unpack and install the microcode.
  8. In addition, for some microcode you will be required to enter the following eleven-character, case-sensitive password to unpack the file: **RS/6000**. Note: The **'s are part of the eleven characters.
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