IBM eServer
Installing microcode by using an LPAR (Partitioned System)
for pSeries servers
LPAR  (Logical PARtitioning) allows for one physical system to be divided into several smaller logical systems. This configuration gives users the flexibility and protection to run different levels of AIX, and even different operating systems, on the same physical system.
  Installing microcode on a I/O device via a partitioned system
Consider the following guidelines before you install any adapter or device microcode on a partitioned system.
 · Microcode may only be downloaded to hardware in a partition running AIX. Linux does not support microcode download at this time.
 · The microcode installer must work with the system administrator to determine which partition (if any) the diskette and CD/DVD are assigned to.
 · The microcode installer must ensure that all adapters and devices to be updated are assigned to a partition. Hardware not associated with a partition will NOT be updated.
 · The microcode installer should follow the installation instructions to successfully update the hardware in all partitions.
  Installing microcode on a pSeries server via a partitioned system
Consider the following guidelines before you install microcode.
 · One partition running AIX must have service authority.
 · All other partitions except the one with service authority must be shut down.
 · The partition with service authority must own the device from which the microcode update image will be read.
 · It is also recommended that the partition with service authority have a hard disk.
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