IBM eServer
Installing microcode on a remote system
for pSeries servers and RS/6000
You can install microcode remotely by copying the microcode to the correct directory on the remote system or systems, and then remotely executing the same commands that you would run to update microcode locally. You can manually copy and install microcode files from the CD-ROM or Internet download site to other systems anywhere in your network.

You need root authority on the remote system to install microcode. You also need to make sure you have enough directory space to install the microcode. Before proceeding, read the installation instructions for the microcode you want to install, and then follow these steps:

  1. Use your preferred file transfer protocol, and binary format, to copy the microcode file into the correct directory on the remote system to be updated.
  2. Run a checksum on the files to be sure they were transferred correctly.
  3. Log in to the remote system and execute the installation command(s) listed in the individual microcode installation instructions.
    Note: If you update the system microcode, the system will reboot after the microcode is installed.
  4. Query the VPD on the remote system or systems to ensure that the new microcode is installed.
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