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Planning Volume 2, Control Workstation and Software Environment

Chapter 11. Planning for migration

This chapter includes factors to consider when planning to migrate an existing SP system. Migration addresses upgrading the software from supported levels of PSSP and AIX to |PSSP 3.4 and AIX 5L 5.1 or AIX |4.3.3. See other chapters in this book for information pertaining to reconfiguring or expanding an existing SP system or to new SP system installations.

Migrating an SP to newer software levels is a relatively complex task, but these complexities and risks can be minimized by thoroughly planning each migration phase before beginning the migration.

The principle migration planning phases are:

The book PSSP: Installation and Migration Guide describes the specific steps to be completed in implementing a software migration. Other books that might be beneficial for your planning phase include:

The underlying migration support provided in PSSP has not changed. The base support for the mechanics of performing a migration also have not changed. However, there might be some new considerations for you that arise from varying levels of PSSP, AIX, PSSP-related licensed programs, and hardware that you might already have or that you plan to install on your SP system. |For instance, a pSeries 690 node requires PSSP 3.4 with AIX |5L 5.1 or later. Use of the SP Switch2 requires PSSP 3.2 |or later, but to take advantage of the optional connectivity feature, all |nodes must run PSSP 3.4. There are more dependencies so be sure to carefully consider all the software requirements relative to your hardware and to read information throughout this chapter pertaining to the PSSP components or related licensed programs that you use, particularly in Migration and coexistence limitations.

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