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Planning Volume 2, Control Workstation and Software Environment

Chapter 3. Defining the configuration that fits your needs

This chapter provides the information you need to plan to configure your system before installing it. The following sections discuss some of the system planning issues you need to consider and decisions you need to make. Planning and configuring your SP system software has an impact on the SP site plan you select. Your choice of software applications drives your DASD usage. The physical layout is addressed to the extent of which layouts are supported and which rules apply that relate to the software environment.

|Some helpful hardware information is included only as it relates to |what the software supports. For complete hardware requirements and |dependencies regarding adapters and physical networks, see the book IBM |RS/6000 SP: Planning Volume 1, Hardware and Physical |Environment. |

With this chapter, you will complete the worksheets in Table 70, Table 66, and Figure 58. You will use the completed worksheets to:

Make copies of the worksheets before you begin.

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