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Planning Volume 2, Control Workstation and Software Environment

Question 5: What type of network connectivity do you need?

In order to answer this question, you need to consult with your network administrator to decide how this system will connect into your existing computing network. Also consult with your hardware planner regarding which adapters work with the node types you are considering (see the book IBM RS/6000 SP: Planning Volume 1, Hardware and Physical Environment).

You might not have determined your system requirements quite enough yet to be able to fully answer all the questions you need to consider. But do start to think about them and know that you will have to come back to them and fill in all the network information when your physical layout plan is complete. Also, Planning your network configuration will help you understand the SP network capabilities.

Your answers for question 5 are applied in the collection of worksheets for Question 8: Which and how many nodes do you need?.

Questions to consider

Review the following questions to determine the type of network connectivity your organization needs:

Considering the SP Switch router

To provide higher bandwidth communications, an SP Switch Router can be connected to the SP Switch by the SP Switch Router Adapter. The SP Switch Router Adapter provides a high performance, full duplex interface between the SP Switch and the SP Switch Router.

|The SP Switch Router is not supported on the SP Switch2. |

When the SP Switch Router Adapter is installed in an SP Switch Router, it allows the SP Switch Router to be used as a networking gateway for the SP system. The SP Switch Router can be populated with additional adapters for standard network interfaces, including the types:

More than one SP Switch Router Adapter can be installed in an SP Switch Router. These SP Switch Routers can be connected to the same SP system, system partition, or to other SP systems. When multiple SP Switch Router Adapters are installed and connected to more than one SP system or system partition, they can be used to provide a high-bandwidth link between SP systems or system partitions and to provide the SP systems or system partitions with a shared set of interfaces to external networks.

Each SP Switch Router Adapter requires one available node switch port on the SP Switch that meets the criteria for valid extension node ports as described in Chapter 3, Defining the configuration that fits your needs. A 10 meter SP Switch cable and a 10 meter ground strap are provided (other lengths are available) for connecting the SP Switch Router Adapter, located in the SP Switch Router chassis, to the SP Switch.

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