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Managing Shared Disks

Verifying you can write to a Virtual Shared Disk

The verification procedure writes data to the virtual shared disks. Do not perform this task after you have put real data on a virtual shared disk. This is only appropriate after a software install and creation of a new virtual shared disk.

To test that you have successfully installed the IBM Virtual Shared Disk software and that you can successfully define, activate, read from, and write to a virtual shared disk after creating your virtual shared disk using the createvsd command, from each virtual shared disk client node, run the vsdvts command.

The vsdvts command requires a user response. For example:

This command will change the content of xxxxx!!!
Do you want to continue [N]?

As a result, the vsdvts command must be run from the command line (the vsdvts command cannot be run from Perspectives).

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