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Migration and coexistence issues related to the node customization scripts

Prior to PSSP 2.4, the script.cust user customization script ran immediately after the installation of the node, but prior to the reboot of that node. As of PSSP 2.4, script.cust still runs at this time, but the environment established for this script has changed somewhat (see the preceding discussion). In particular, script.cust now runs before full network connectivity has been established. For instance, this means that access to the authentication server is not available when this script runs.

The firstboot.cust customization script is now available for user customization tasks. This script runs after the initial post-installation reboot of the node. Full network connectivity (through the I/O adapters automatically configured by PSSP) is established and the authentication server is accessible.

Because of this change, the version of script.cust that you may have written to use during the installation of nodes at PSSP levels prior to Version 2.4, may no longer function correctly. To rectify this situation, you should review the contents of your script.cust file during the migration of your nodes to the latest level of PSSP. You may need to move some function from your existing script.cust file to a new firstboot.cust file. See the preceding discussion and the new sample files for more specific information.

If you will be installing nodes at different PSSP levels where one or more nodes are at an earlier PSSP level and one or more are at PSSP 2.4 or later, you may need to structure your script.cust file to contain logic that performs certain functions on earlier PSSP level nodes and different functions on PSSP 2.4 or later level nodes. The sample versions of script.cust and firstboot.cust contain sample code to implement the coincident use of these scripts on nodes at differing PSSP and AIX levels. (Note that firstboot.cust is run on a node being installed at an earlier PSSP level if that node's boot/install server is running at the PSSP 2.4 or later level.)

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