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Appendix B. Directory information

The following table lists the directories created when you install the RS/6000 SP LP image.

Table 6. RS/6000 SP LP Images Directories
Directory Contents
/etc/amd amd files
/etc/auto automounter files
/etc/ssp/css css user space library
/spdata/sys1/err_methods Contains scripts for error handling
/spdata/sys1/ha Contains files related to RSCT
/spdata/sys1/k4srvtabs Contains node's Kerberos V4 srvtab files
/spdata/sys1/keyfiles Contains node's keyfiles
/spdata/sys1/logtables Sample service collection tables
/spdata/sys1/pman Contains problem management configuration files
/spdata/sys1/sdr SDR database files
/spdata/sys1/spmon hardmon internal security and threshold tables
/spdata/sys1/spsec Security Services files
/spdata/sys1/st Job Switch Resource Table Services data files
/spdata/sys1/syspar_configs System partition configuration files
/spdata/sys1/ucode Contains supervisor microcode levels
/spdata/sys1/vsd Partitioning data with regard to vsds
/usr/lpp/ssp Package files
/usr/lpp/ssp/amd amd/amq files
/usr/lpp/ssp/bin ssp command files
/usr/lpp/ssp/bin/spd Advanced Diagnostics commands
/usr/lpp/ssp/config Setup file for switch, and so on
/usr/lpp/ssp/config/admin User mgmt SMIT stanzas
/usr/lpp/ssp/config/cmi Cluster setup/management SMIT stanzas
/usr/lpp/ssp/config/spmgrd MIB files for SNMP manager
/usr/lpp/ssp/css Communication subsystem (css) files
/usr/lpp/ssp/css/diags css diagnosis files
/usr/lpp/ssp/css/spd Advanced Diagnostics files
/usr/lpp/ssp/filec File collection installation files
/usr/lpp/ssp/info InfoExplorer setup files
/usr/lpp/ssp/inst_root Root package files
/usr/lpp/ssp/install/bin Configuration scripts
/usr/lpp/ssp/install/config Install/config data and templates
/usr/lpp/ssp/kerberos/bin Kerberos V4 user commands
/usr/lpp/ssp/kerberos/etc Kerberos V4 daemons and privileged administrative commands
/usr/lpp/ssp/lib ssp libraries
/usr/lpp/ssp/man man page files
/usr/lpp/ssp/perl/bin Perl translation commands
/usr/lpp/ssp/perl/lib Perl functions and headers
/usr/lpp/ssp/perl/lib/sys C headers converted to Perl
/usr/lpp/ssp/perl/man Perl man page files
/usr/lpp/ssp/perspectives Perspectives files
/usr/lpp/ssp/public Public tar files
/usr/lpp/ssp/rcmd/bin Kerberos-authenticated remote commands
/usr/lpp/ssp/rcmd/etc RS/6000 SP command daemon
/usr/lpp/ssp/resctr Resource Center HTML files and programs
/usr/lpp/ssp/samples Sample scripts
/usr/lpp/ssp/sysctl/bin Supported client code
/var/adm/acct Created when accounting is configured on nodes.
/var/adm/cacct Cluster consolidated accounting data
/var/adm/SPlogs Logs and other run time data collectors
/var/adm/SPlogs/auth_install Security services logs
/var/adm/SPlogs/auto automount logs
/var/adm/SPlogs/cs Cluster startup/shutdown logs
/var/adm/SPlogs/css css logs
/var/adm/SPlogs/css0 css logs (SP Switch2 only)
/var/adm/SPlogs/css1 css logs (SP Switch2 only)
/var/adm/SPlogs/css0/p0 css logs (SP Switch2 only)
/var/adm/SPlogs/css1/p0 css logs (SP Switch2 only)
/var/adm/SPlogs/filec File collection logs
/var/adm/SPlogs/kerberos Kerberos server logs
/var/adm/SPlogs/kfserver Keyfile server logs
/var/adm/SPlogs/sdr System Data Repository logs
/var/adm/SPlogs/SPconfig Vital product data information
/var/adm/SPlogs/spmgr Trace file for SNMP manager
/var/adm/SPlogs/spmon SP System Monitor logs
/var/adm/SPlogs/st Job Switch Resource Table Services logs
/var/adm/SPlogs/sysctl Sysctl server log file
/var/adm/SPlogs/sysman Installation, configuration, and console logs
/var/kerberos/database Kerberos server database and other files

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