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Extension node steps

Perform the following steps on the extension node:

  1. Optionally, Define the Extension Node and Extension Node Adapter

    IBM requires that you define the extension node and the extension node adapter on the control workstation, as discussed in the previous section. In addition, you can optionally define these items on the extension node.

    Once the items have been defined, the extension node is configured automatically. The SNMP Agent on the extension node polls the SPMGR Manager running on the control workstation for the information at a designated interval. The SPMGR Manager looks for the information for the extension node adapter specified and passes back the configuration information. Once the extension node and extension node adapter information has been added to the SDR, the SPMGR Manager is able to respond with the configuration information.

    For more information, refer to the SP Switch Router Adapter Guide.

  2. Configure the SNMP Agent to communicate with the extension node SNMP Manager on the control workstation. See the SP Switch Router Adapter Guide for further information.
  3. Install the SP Switch Router and all IP interfaces connected to it.

    For more information, refer to the SP Switch Router Adapter Guide.

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