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Diagnosis Guide

Internal SP Switch2 subsystem components

The SP Switch2 component contains the software subsystems listed here. This chapter has procedures to diagnose problems that are handled by these subsystems.

  1. worm - The fault-service daemon part that explores and initialize the switch fabric.
  2. Ecommands - Commands such as Estart, Efence, Eunfence, and others


  3. css - The fault-service daemon part that handles switch recovery.
  4. Pseudo device driver - Enables Ecommands to communicate with the fault-service daemon.
  5. Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) - Enables the fault-service daemon to communicate with the adapters.
  6. Connectivity Matrix - Enables IP and any other application to get information on the switch connectivity. IP uses it to get the node's route to a requested node. The fault-service daemon on each node maintains the concurrent switch connectivity information.
  7. CSS adapter device driver - SP Switch2 connectivity
  8. CSS adapter microcode - SP Switch2 connectivity
  9. CSS adapter Diagnostics - Self test for the CSS adapter hardware. If it fails, the switch connectivity is lost.
  10. MSS Node Recovery Daemon: emasterd - Running on the control workstation, this daemon initializes the Master Switch Sequencer (MSS) Node and monitors its function for Switch TOD recovery purposes.
  11. Switch Admin daemon: cssadm2 - Optional daemon running on the control workstation, this daemon monitors switch operation and will issue Estart when necessary.

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