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Requisite function

This is a list of the software and hardware directly used by the SP Switch2 component of PSSP. Problems with the requisite software and hardware may manifest themselves as error symptoms in the SP Switch2. If you perform all the diagnostic routines and error responses listed in this chapter, and still have problems with the SP Switch2, you should consider these software and hardware components as possible sources of the error. They are listed with the most likely candidate first, least likely candidate last.

  1. System Data Repository (SDR) component of PSSP, running on the control workstation
  2. Ethernet component of AIX - For SP Switch2 operation, there must be at least one connection between the control workstation and the primary node. SP Switch2 Time-Of-Day recovery depends on an Ethernet connection to all the nodes.
  3. Group Services hags, Topology Services hats, and Hardware Monitor hmmon components of PSSP
  4. SP System Security Services

    Principal and group names for DCE entities use the default SP chosen names. These may not be the actual names on the system if you have overridden them using the spsec_overrides file.

  5. SP Switch2 hardware monitor and control: hardmon component of PSSP.
  6. Switch Fault service: the Fault Service daemon component of the SP Switch2 has to be operating on each node that is on the SP Switch2. When the daemon dies, the protocols (such as IP) are closed on this node. This is different than operation of the SP Switch. For the SP Switch, when the Fault Service daemon dies, the protocols continue, only SP Switch recovery is not available.
  7. Switch Time Of Day (TOD): initiated and recovered by the emasterd daemon component of SP Switch2 software. This daemon runs on the control workstation and is responsible for selecting a suitable Master Switch Sequencer Node that maintain the Switch TOD. When the daemon dies, the Switch TOD recovery dies. The Switch TOD is maintained only to nodes that are on plane 0.

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