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Diagnosing PSSP T/EC Event Adapter problems

If the Tivoli Enterprise Console (T/EC) Event Adapter fails to send events to the SP system, do the following:

  1. Check your event subscription and test the event generation by forcing the event.
  2. Verify that the tecad_pssp command is being run by issuing this command on the control workstation: lssrc -ls pman.your_partition_name, where your_partition_name is the name of the system partition of the node for which you are subscribed.

    The output from this command shows whether the event is being properly triggered at this point. If not, check your subscription again.

  3. Use the wtdumprl command in the T/EC side to see if you are getting any event notifications from the PSSP side.
  4. If you suspect that the tecad_pssp command is being run, but nothing is being generated at the T/EC side, check to see if you have the proper configuration file /usr/lpp/ssp/tecad/tecad_pssp.cfg installed. Also, check that it points to the T/EC server.
  5. Use the /usr/lpp/ssp/tecad/test_agent shell script to force the invocation of the tecad_pssp command. Check the results.
  6. Check the network connectivity. See Diagnosing system connectivity problems.

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