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Job Switch Resource Table Services error and information log

Every node with the JSRT Services installed contains an error and information log. This log is located in /var/adm/SPlogs/st/st_log.

This log contains any error messages or general information messages that occur when the JSRT Services commands or APIs are issued. All entries contain a timestamp and the name of the command or function issuing the message. An entry is created for each occurrence of a condition that produces an error or general information message.

The JSRT Services log exists on both the client and the server nodes. For example, if you issue a st_clean_table command on node 1 to clean a window on node 2, then logs will exist on both nodes 1 and 2.

More detailed logging will occur when the environment variable SWTBLAPIERRORMSGS is set to yes. Setting this variable produces more messages in the st_log. This causes the log to be truncated and copied more frequently. To set the variable, issue this command:


This log is copied to /var/adm/SPlogs/st/st_log.previous when it reaches 100KB in size. Each subsequent copy overwrites the /var/adm/SPlogs/st/st_log.previous file. Therefore, only one copy of st_log and st_log.previous is retained.

Entries in this log are not translated to other languages. All entries are in English. For more information about st_log, see Action 3 - Request more detailed log information.

AIX Error Logs and templates for JSRT Services

The JSRT Services creates AIX error entries using the PSSP ppslog facility for the following cases:

To view the JSRT error events, issue the following command on the node where an error is suspected:
errpt -aN Switch_Table | more

When you retrieve an error log entry, look for the DIAGNOSTIC EXPLANATION section near the bottom of the entry.

One entry is logged for each occurrence of the condition. The condition is logged on every node where the event occurred.

The Detail Data section of these entries is not translated to other languages. This section is in English.

Table 64 shows the error log templates used by JSRT Services. ST_TRUNCATE_ST is used to indicate truncation of the log /var/adm/SPlogs/st/st_log. ST_SWITCH_ERR is used for all other JSRT Services records. UNKN indicates an unknown error type. PERM indicates a permanent error type.

Table 64. AIX Error Log templates for JSRT Services

Error Label and ID Error type Diagnostic explanation and action



check_size: Copied logname to logname.previous and truncated logname.

The st_log exceeded 100KB. It was copied and truncated.

None required.




An error occurred during the processing of a JSRT Service.

The request for a load, unload, or clean failed.

Perform these tasks:
  • Check the file /var/adm/SPlogs/st/st_log for further information.
  • Perform SP Switch or SP Switch2 diagnostics.

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