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Diagnosing Per Node Key Management (PNKM) problems

This chapter discusses diagnostic procedures and failure responses for the Per Node Key Management (PNKM) component of PSSP. The list of known error symptoms and the associated responses are in the section Error symptoms, responses, and recoveries. A list of the information to collect before contacting the IBM Support Center is in the section Information to collect before contacting the IBM Support Center.

Per Node Key Management is a daemon that runs on the control workstation and each node of the SP system to update PSSP-related DCE server keys (passwords) in a DCE authentication environment.

Any principal or group names referred to in this chapter are the default names as shipped with the PSSP product. The principal or group names may be different if you have overridden them by updating the /spdata/sys1/spsec/spsec_overrides file.

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