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Diagnosis Guide

Information to collect before contacting the IBM Support Center

Before calling IBM Service, make sure that you have verified that the environment where the error occurred is correct. Consult Diagnostic procedures. This verification includes:

If you are still having problems after verifying the environment, collect the following information for the source and target hosts to send to the IBM Support Center.

  1. The PSSP level installed.
  2. The current PSSP PTF level installed.
  3. The current DCE level installed.
  4. The current DCE PTF level installed.
  5. The error information from the AIX error log, obtained by issuing the errpt command.
  6. Gathered information on the SP system service:
  7. Any other diagnostic actions taken that you believe contributes to the solution of the problem or provides additional useful information for debugging the problem.
  8. The authentication method in use. Issue this command on the control workstation:
    splstdata -p
    The entry "ts_auth_methods" lists the authentication methods in use.

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