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Refusing files in a file collection

The refuse file allows you to customize the file collection at different locations. It is possible for you to create a file collection with one group of files and have different subsets of that group installed on the boot-install servers and the processor nodes.

You do this by creating a refuse file in the /var/sysman/sup directory on the boot-install server or processor node. This master file lists all the files in every file collection that you do not want installed or updated on that system.


In this example, we want one boot-install server to have the full file collection including the test files and another to have the boot-install collection minus the test files. Log in to the boot-install server that should not have the test files and create a refuse file with the following entries:


This instructs supper to never include these test files when installing or updating this file collection at this location.


There are two kinds of refuse files. One is in the /var/sysman/sup directory and contains the files that will not be installed on that server or node. These refuse files are optional, are user-created, and can vary at each location. The other refuse file is in the file collection's directory and contains a list of all the files refused when the file collection is installed or updated. This refuse file is system-created and might be empty if you always install the entire collection.

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