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Appendix F. Changing IP address or host name on SP systems

|This appendix describes how to change the primary SP Ethernet admin |LAN IP address and host name for SP nodes and SP-attached servers, or the |primary IP address and host name for the control workstation. IBM suggests you avoid making any host name or IP address changes if at all possible. The tasks are tedious and in some cases require rerunning the SP installation steps. For more information on SP networks, see the book IBM RS/6000 SP: Planning Volume 2, Control Workstation and Software Environment.

Changing the IP address or host name of SP nodes affects the entire SP system. IP address and host names are located in the SDR objects as attributes. IP address and host names are also kept in other system-related files that are located on SP nodes and the control workstation. It is imperative that all new IP addresses and host names you use are resolvable on your SP system.

The following PSSP components and related products require careful consideration and attention when you change any IP address or host name:

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