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Defining an event and forwarding it to the T/EC using the pmandef command

Consult the PSSP: Command and Technical Reference for complete command syntax. A general example of this command follows:

pmandef -s example1
        -e "AnyResourceVariable;Any InstanceVenctor;AnyPredicate"
        -c "$AGENT_PATH/tecad_pssp -1 $CONF_PATH/tecad_pssp.cfg"
        -r "AnyRearmPredicate"
        -C "$AGENT_PATH/tecad_pssp -1 $CONF_PATH/tecad_pssp.cfg"
        -n 0

You should run this command from the control workstation to save installation efforts and keep the management of the system easier. This results in the flag -n 0, indicating that the command needs to be run on Node 0, the control workstation.

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