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Defining an event and forwarding it to the T/EC using the Event Perspective

Using Event Perspective makes administering and managing the events in the SP system relatively easy. After you start Event Perspective, do the following:

Actions > Event Definitions > Create

The Event Definition window appears where you can select the parameters for the event definition.

The Response Options tab and enter the response options.

Take Actions when event occurs and enter the tecad_pssp command in the command window. Be sure to provide the full path for the command to supply a full path to your configuration file, if you are not using the default.

Repeat the same procedure for the rearm command if you wish. On the lower part, select the control workstation (Node 0) as the node where to run the command. Install the tecad_pssp command on all nodes, but IBM recommends that you use the control workstation as a central point for event forwarding since it is accessible by all partitions.

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