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Chapter 15. Using job switch resource table services

|The Job Switch Resource Table (JSRT) services are used to load, |unload, clean, and query Job Switch Resource Tables, and to query switch |adapters. These tables are needed by parallel jobs in order to run user |space tasks over an SP switch. These services are used by job |management systems like LoadLeveler when running user space jobs. See Switch communication using user space message passing and Understanding adapter window allocations for more information.

These services consist of a set of APIs and commands. The APIs begin with the prefix swtbl_.... The commands are st_status, st_clean_table, and st_verify. They are documented in the book PSSP: Command and Technical Reference.

Authorization to use the switch table services with DCE is based on the client being a principal in a DCE group:

If the client and server using the switch table services are not using DCE security services, authentication and authorization for these services is performed as was done before PSSP 3.2. All users are authorized for the st_status command and swtbl_status API. The effective user id must be root for the st_clean_table command, the swtbl_load_table API, and the swtbl_unload_table API.

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