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Aptiva - 2144/2168 (Mxx) Mwave diagnostic program for OS/2, Windows 3.1 & DOS (US)

Applicable to: Canada, United States


This file contains the updated Mwave diagnostic program for use on Aptiva 2144/2168-Mxx systems preloaded with OS/2 & DOS/Windows 3.1 as the operating system. For Aptivas preloaded with Windows '95 please download and install the Mwave drivers version 20D which contains the latest Mwave diagnostic program (see note below).


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NOTE: To obtain the latest Mwave diagnostic program for machines preloaded with Windows '95, download and install the Mwave drivers version 20D, click here to access these files .

To download this file, read the following:
1. Click on the file link.

2. Pick OK to copy file to your local disk.

3. Save as file name, "MWDIAG.EXE" and select drive "C" . Choose OK. This will download the file to your hard disk.

4. At a DOS or OS/2 prompt type "MWDIAG". This command will explode the file from the hard drive to a floppy disk. Follow the prompts and insert a floppy disk into drive A. Installation instructions can be found in the README.TXT file on the diskette once it is created. You may view the README.TXT file by using a text editor, i.e. type "e a:\readme.txt" at a C:\ prompt.

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2144, 2168


2R5; 2R7; 2R8; M30; M35; M50; 2R6; 4R7; 4R8; M40; M54; M58; 3R0; 3R8; M60; M70


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