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Aptiva - Mwave Level 20D drivers (33.6Kbps data/14.4Kbps fax) and MIDI samples for Windows 95 (US-Canadian English)

Applicable to: Canada, United States


These are the latest drivers for Mwave-equipped 2134/2144/2168/2176 Aptiva systems which were preloaded with Windows 95 as the operating system. These drivers provide 33.6Kbps data capability and Direct Sound 3 compatibility. Users of 2144 and 2168 Aptiva systems MUST upgrade the AudioStation and Aptiva Communications Center software after completing the Mwave upgrade. Failure to do this will cause problems with this software. These drivers are NOT applicable to the 2159 systems or the 2176-C6Z/9R1 or 2176-C6V/9R2. These drivers were designed for Microsoft Windows 95, and as such are not compatible with Microsoft Windows 3.1, Windows NT, Windows 98, or IBM OS/2. (US/Canadian English)


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IBM provides these drivers as is, and without warranty support. Should you need assistance with installation of these drivers, and call our telephone support center, you will be billed the normal fee for HelpWare Assistance. For questions or technical support, please use our on-line forums CompuServe, America Online, Prodigy, or eSupport on the World Wide Web.

To obtain the latest patch for the Mwave 20D drivers, click here .

A single easy to use install package is available as an alternative to the install process detailed below and in the 20DDUS.TXT file. To obtain this convenient install package click here . If you prefer to work with the files individually, continue reading the instructions below.

Mwave with DirectSound / 33.6
This Mwave driver update (Version 2.33 W95TAPMAS20D) supplies Microsoft Windows 95 DirectSound, and 33.6 Kbps modem capabilities for select M, A,or C series Aptivas.

What these drivers provide:
This release of drivers for your Mwave Media Card provides several new features, DirectSound, 33.6 Kbps modem support, as well as numerous functional enhancements.

DirectSound provides full-duplex audio drivers, and a kernel-mode mixer, making sound playback more efficient, and allowing you to fully enjoy the latest high-quality gaming music and audio.

The improved communications drivers also enable your Mwave Media Card to communicate at data speeds of up to 33,600 bits per second (bps), and fax speeds of up to 14,400 bps. The actual rate of data transmission may vary depending on the speed of the modem on the other end of the connection, and on telephone line conditions.

What you will need to upgrade your Mwave Media Card Drivers.
You will need approximately 8MB of free hard drive space on your C: drive.
You will need 6 blank 3.5" 1.44MB floppy diskettes.
In order to upgrade your Mwave Media Card drivers you will need to download the following files and create the installation diskettes.

Mwave Media Card Driver Installation Diskettes:
Disk 1: 20DD1US.EXE
Disk 2: 20DD2US.EXE
Disk 3: 20DD3US.EXE

MIDI Samples Installation Diskettes:
Disk 1: 20DM1US.EXE
Disk 2: 20DM2US.EXE
Disk 3: 20DM3US.EXE

These files are self-extracting diskettes. Executing this file will prompt you to create diskettes containing all the files necessary to upgrade your Mwave drivers. The installation of these drivers requires many steps. We STRONGLY recommend that you print, and read thoroughly the included README.TXT file before attempting to install these drivers.

As with any installation of new or updated software, we strongly recommend that you backup any critical system data before starting this installation in case anything should accidentally go wrong.

These drivers will NOT work on the following systems 2159-xxx, 2176-C6V, 2176-9R2, 2176-C6Z, and 2176-9R1 because they do not have an Mwave Media Card.

These drivers were designed for Microsoft Windows 95, and as such are not compatible with Microsoft Windows 3.1, Windows NT, Windows 98, or IBM OS/2.

You MUST download and install the latest versions of "Aptiva AudioStation" and the "Aptiva Communications Center" after installing this update, as those applications will no longer work properly with these drivers. To download AudioStation upgrade, click here . To download the Aptiva Communications Center upgrade, click here . Failure to apply these upgrades after upgrading the Mwave, will cause problems with AudioStation and Communications Center.

IBM STRONGLY recommends that you print, and read thoroughly the included 20DDUS.TXT (readme) file before attempting to install these Mwave drivers.

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